On connaissait les live blogging pour différents évènements, comme les présidentielles chez Koz (entre autres), ou les Keynotes de Steve Jobs chez Mac4Ever, mais celui-ci est pour le peu surprenant: Je viens de découvrir via le blog de Mathew Ingram le live blogging d'une opération militaire ayant pour objectif la capture d'un leader islamiste radical. Un extrait...


APC's are in action again; Media asked to get away as far as possible from the site. Deadline is extended till 4 PM. The Ghazi Brothers may be inside premises of lal masjid.


Abdul Azeez sahab (the elder brother) is known to be fled out, while the younger brother (nayib Khateeb) Ghazi Abdur Rasheed's still inside. The food is meagre in - requests sought to supply food.


Sadar sahab would give Rs. 5000 to every surrendering student from jameya.

Electricity conditions are worst for poor citizens of G-6. Strict curfew prohibiting them to go for day-to-day chores.

Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani says female students are given permission to o their relatives homes or their own. Though, male students for the sake of accomodating them well are taken to different jails.

Govt given deadline is getting extended & extended and soon it'll be dark again.

A quand les militaires sur Twitter???